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Why Blogger is the best blogging platforms for a startup

As a startup one of the many important things to do is to create a blog so that we can share our journey with the world. To do that, we needed a blogging platform.
Having worked on many projects involving Wordpress and tracking its progress from a blogging platform to a Swiss knife of Web development(CMS). We weren't excited to host a full-fledged site on Wordpress just to have a blog.

There are many positive but many more negative points in having a blog based on a complete CMS like Wordpress in 2020. Some of them are:
The interface is quite clutteredDoes many things out of the box. So the software is bloated.Maintaining a CMS is quite painful especially when your resources are limited.You have one more thing to take care of.To get rid of those pain points and save ourselves time and money, we wanted something very lean and mean. So the search began. We were looking for a platform which has: Clean User InterfaceFast and easy to maintain.Specially designed for bloggingDoesn't have…