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Learning HTML and other web technologies during the #lockdown

As most of the world's population is under some sort of lockdown. So are we. Everyone is stuck at home. Everyone has some extra time, so we thought there could never be a better time to create a YouTube channel that helps you to learn new web technology with hands-on experience.
We will be focusing mainly on teaching front-end web technologies like HTML/CSS/JS and backend technologies like Node.js, PHP, etc. After learning these technologies, you will be able to put them to work i.e. work on some projects of your own. And let's see how far your project goes.
There are millions of other channels which also teach technology. So how are we different, you ask? Well, we plan to keep this channel interactive as much as possible. In addition to posting tutorial videos, we will be creating projects video as well. We will make live web applications. And if you have any idea then you can code along.
This channel is our effort towards creating a community where you can ask your development …